Centrus Parking

Centrus offers a great opportunity for everyone - residents, their visitors, city visitors and any driver - to park their car in the active center of the capital - at Centrus Parking. Two-level underground parking provides a high level of comfort for drivers with the possibility to get to all the most important places in the center of Riga. Centrus Parking offers various solutions for parking, adapting to the needs of drivers - working day, day or night subscriptions, while ensuring the lowest possible prices in the area.

The parking lot is very spacious - it is possible to park more than 400 cars here.

Contact the Centrus Parking team:

- by calling: 67399131,
- by writing to [email protected],
- visiting Blaumaņa Street 20.

We will provide information about long-term subscription options,
contract terms, promotions and benefits!

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