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  • The newly developed CENTRUS quarter that had been commissioned in the end of 2015 is located in the active part of the city centre – in the quarter surrounded by Tērbatas, Dzirnavu, Blaumaņa and Barona streets, and encircled by historical Art Nouveau buildings. 
  • There are two residential houses – with 84 flats – built in CENTRUS quarter with the commercial premises on the first floors of the buildings, pedestrian promenade, private courtyard and wide two-level underground car park. In the nearest future quarter will be complemented by the office building and hotel.
  • The author of CENTRUS is the internationally recognised Latvian architect Zane Kalinka, whose work is characterised by strong sense of place, surroundings and lifestyle, respect for the comfort of residents and the aesthetics of the environment; her work features open and pure space, made special by carefully selected details. According to the architect's intention, CENTRUS residential buildings and surroundings will respect the dynamic life of the city centre, while giving residents real privacy.  
Centrus Quarter

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